FlowLife Appears at Outdoor Sports Expo


In general, FlowLife is not only enthusiastic about holding various competitions, but also very fond of meeting everyone at exhibitions. Shenzhen is an open and inclusive city, where various exhibitions are held every year. Not long ago, we were also present at the Shenzhen International Outdoor Sports Expo.

FlowLife Appears at Outdoor Sports Expo 1

Outdoor Shenzhen has broken through the traditional exhibition format and provided close contact opportunities for exhibitors and customers by creating an immersive exhibition space that is both entertaining and professional in the new market environment and demand. We have selected a unique model to participate in the exhibition.

FlowLife Appears at Outdoor Sports Expo 2

In everyone's impression, the volume of the surfing simulator is very large, and it cannot appear on the exhibition site like other machines. This has been true in the past. Customers cannot truly experience the charm of the surfing simulator on the exhibition site, and can only have a simple understanding through videos or pictures;

FlowLife Appears at Outdoor Sports Expo 3

The equipment used by FlowLife to participate in this exhibition is a mini surfing machine, which is 13.5m long and 3.5m wide. It breaks the tradition. Compared to other larger surfing simulators, the mini body shape is more suitable for daily activities, and transportation is very convenient. It has received unanimous favorable comments from customers. On the spot, we invite customers to experience, and you can follow the pictures to experience its charm together;

FlowLife Appears at Outdoor Sports Expo 4

In the future, FlowLife will actively participate in more global exhibitions, lead everyone to learn about surfing simulators, and make you also love the sport of surfing

The 2022 FlowLife Second Skateboarding and Surfing Competition came to a successful conclusion as experts gathered to ignite the audience!
Flexible moves in the water take you into the 2021 FlowLife First Skateboarding and Surfing Competition
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