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The company team has 10 years of product development and project management experience. A full-industry chain holding subsidiary of Shenzhen Ningsheng Investment Co., Ltd. that integrates product development, production and manufacturing, marketing promotion, brand operation, and other businesses.
The surface of the FlowLife machine is fully covered with nano polymer flexible film, which greatly reduces risk of injury. The water flow can be adjusted by frequency to adapt to the physical characteristics of all ages and ensure the safety of personnel.
With rich experience in the operation of flowboarding in the whole business, based on stable and reliable products, we provide all-round services such as site consultation, construction guidance, equipment installation, and operation guidance.
High-voltage frequency conversion, energy-saving and power-saving.After the return cycle is completed, the water flow falls into the pool from the backwater area of the polyurethane leaking net, and then the water is automatically supplied and purified through the high-sealing submersible pump cabin.
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Customized development according to the site: FlowLife has a patented technology and equipment production base, which can be customized and developed according to the site conditions, reducing the cost of site renovation and increasing the space utilization rate.
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FlowLife has multiple project locations, and each project location has a different situation, which is convenient for customers to refer to. We are willing to discuss and cooperate with customers around the world.
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FlowLife has project cases in multiple regions and continuously relies on rich project experience to provide the most appropriate project suggestions from the most professional perspective, satisfying and reassuring customers
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After Negotiation With Customer, We Prepare To Launch New Project

Surf Wave Simulator & Surfing Simulator

  Confirm the project

Tell us about the project site (such as designing a surf club, water park, etc.), and provide site drawings. The customer manager will make suggestions on equipment selection based on the project situation, and provide the project drawings to the designer to produce renderings.

 Confirm equipment requirements

As with the above steps, it is necessary to simultaneously confirm the water and electricity requirements of the equipment and whether the site water and electricity meet the requirements, which will be judged and recommended by our professional engineers.

After confirming the details of the equipment, the contract is signed. At the same time, all terms and conditions of the contract (payment method, transportation, installation personnel, project specific conditions, etc.) will be confirmed in this step, and payment will be arranged according to the contract requirements.
After signing the contract, we will confirm the time of on-site installation and inform the customer of matters requiring cooperation and arrangement for on-site installation.
In this step, we will arrange transportation and on-site installation. The specific transportation conditions and installation cycle need to be determined according to the specific situation.
After installation, we will dock with you for the acceptance of the machine, and teach the personnel operating the equipment on site to ensure that your responsible person learns to operate the equipment.
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Ningsheng Sports Technology will focus on heart and profession, actively promote China's high-end water sports leisure and entertainment products to the world, and let more people enjoy the fun of water sports!

Other Water Sports Equipment

  Confirmation requirements 

After selecting a product, we will select whether to customize it according to customer requirements, confirm product model, quantity, design images, etc.

  Quotation and contract signing: 

After understanding the customer's needs, make a quotation. After both parties confirm their cooperation, sign a contract, and make payment according to the terms of the contract.


According to customer requirements, manufacture products.

  Arrange transportation

Packaging and transportation of products.

  Customer acceptance

After receiving the goods, please confirm whether they are intact and in normal use.


We Can Provide You

Each of our products has a warranty period. If there is a problem with the product during the warranty period, please feel free to contact us. We have a professional after-sales team to quickly solve the problem for you. We do not do a one-off business, but to seek long-term cooperation, achieve a win-win situation.

  Professional team

We have our own technical team, design team, and pre-sales and after-sales service team, which can provide the most appropriate suggestions based on customer requirements.

  Rich project experience

Our projects are located in multiple regions, and after many years of mature project experience, we can provide customers with the best choice based on past experience.

  Regularly upgrade products

We have our own factory and regularly conduct product upgrades, product research and development, etc. based on customer needs and market conditions every year.

Flowlife Has Multiple Project Locations

We are willing to discuss and cooperate with customers around the world.

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