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Shenzhen Ningsheng Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is a full-industry chain holding subsidiary of Shenzhen Ningsheng Investment Co., Ltd. that integrates product development, production and manufacturing, marketing promotion, brand operation, and other businesses;

FlowLife has its own factory, technical team, design team, and service team, which can provide customers with a one-stop service
FlowLife regularly conducts product research and development and product upgrades every year based on market conditions and customer needs
The FlowLife have won multiple patent certificates, domestic certification certificates in China, and CE certification
FlowLife's full range of products is suitable for many different types of scenarios such as shops, bars, shopping centers, and so on
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Company Introduction

Focus on heart and profession, actively promote China's high-end water sports leisure and entertainment products to the world

The company team has 10 years of product development and project management experience, adhering to the concept of focus and innovation. Focusing on R&D and production, the current hot selling products include surfing simulator series, deepwater surfer series, electric surfboard series, surfboard series, and many other aquatic sports and leisure entertainment products.

As a full-industry chain company, Ningsheng Sports Technology relies on a technical and service team, with rich project experience, to provide customers with the highest quality services. Currently, the company's projects are located in multiple countries and regions, providing customers with rich reference cases for different scenarios.

We accept OEM and ODM, provide personalized customization for customers, and address customer needs, which is the direction of our efforts;


Ningsheng Sports Technology will focus on heart and profession, actively promote China's high-end water sports leisure and entertainment products to the world, and let more people enjoy the fun of water sports!

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Professional Team
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Flowlife Has Multiple Project Locations

We are willing to discuss and cooperate with customers around the world.

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